Helping families maintain their lifestyle when they retire is Tim’s main objective.  Heck when someone retires, they don’t want to have to worry if they will have enough money.  With Tim’s planning and advice, clients might just be able to better understand how to make their own retirement goals obtainable.

About You

TJ Beeman Advisory Group, Inc. believes that everything revolves around our clients.  Our mission statement is our clients, not us.

The Beeman legacy had its start in the USA in 1737.  For over the last 280 years, the family has continued to prosper, innovate, and help clients achieve their own success.

That is exactly what Tim J. Beeman has done for over 4 decades and will continue to work for his clients in the years ahead, that’s why it is About You and Not About Us!   Experience Counts!

Retirement can be confusing, saving for retirement is so much different than utilizing your savings for retirement.  Tim has been able to guide many people through this transition.  Tim listens, teaches, and works alongside his clients to help them with their retirement concerns and goals. Retirement is not a dress rehearsal.  We need to get it right the first time, that takes planning in the beginning and may require adjustments along the way. You need someone experienced by your side along the way to guide and advise you.

Tim’s simple but effective tactics have helped generations Dream, Plan, and Achieve.

Don’t let your plans go up in smoke without first talking to a trained expert in the investment field.

You now have a pipeline to an experienced expert.


We believe in dreaming big. When you dream, you want to put ideas and actions to work to achieve those dreams. Retirement is very individual, so take time to decide what you truly want. We join our clients to help them achieve the level of retirement which goes beyond having enough money to get by. Think about how you want to live your retirement. Do you want to work or pursue a hobby? Do you want to move or travel? You may want to spend more quality time with family and friends. Whatever your dream is, write it down and let’s start from there.

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By the time you talk with us, you may already have retirement dreams. We enjoy guiding clients through the planning phase, even if you’re within months of retirement, to diligently prepare your finances to live your dream. This planning phase may include elements you hadn’t thought of. We’ll plan how to ensure you won’t outlive your money or get blindsided by a financial downturn. We’ll decide together how to ride through both a bull or bear market with the confidence you’ll have something of value to pass on. Planning includes many elements, such as budgeting for all possible life scenarios. We want to maximize your income to cover unexpected expenses, keep ahead of inflation, and consider life insurance, long-term care, and tax planning when developing our approach. Our process can also incorporate any estate planning you may have already completed. Effective planning is as individual as your retirement dreams and serves as the key to making those dreams a reality.


Once you dream about and plan your retirement, the process would not be complete if you didn’t achieve your goals if you didn’t implement the plan. For all our clients, retirement success depends upon implementing the plan we discussed together. You want to walk through the implementation stage with a valued partner. You’ve worked hard to reach this point and book knowledge is not enough. We have the experience to get you where you want to go in retirement. Together, we can achieve a successful, enjoyable, no-worries retirement. Let’s work together and achieve what you worked so hard for all these years.

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith

– 2 Timothy 4:17

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As we consider all the conversations we’ve have had over the years about our client’s financial futures, fear of the unknown is almost always a factor. This is the time you need to lean into the conversation with someone knowledgeable and walk this road together, from beginning to end. This is where we stand out from the crowd, with individual attention and detailed planning. We are always here for you, so let’s lean in together, share dreams, and strategize to achieve the retirement that you want.

Who are we

282 Year Legacy Continues – Want to learn how to be a part of history?

Fifty years before the US Constitution was signed three brothers came to the United States from England.

They brought with them an entrepreneurial spirt and commitment that resulted in them starting various businesses including farms, local stores, and a thriving insurance agency.

The brothers were pioneers far ahead of any entrepreneurial movement. They helped set the stage for what eventually would become America’s legacy and their own.

The family and its offspring have never stopped helping individuals and their families and improving their way of life.  They aren’t about to stop NOW!

At the start of the 1900s, T.A. Beeman sold his business and moved west to Montana.  While passing on what is now known as Beverly Hills, he choose Montana as his resting spot for his family and himself.  There he started numerous small business that meet the needs of the growing community.

T.A.’s mission and destiny had just begun.  He taught others how to be successful and word soon spread of his generosity. Families migrated to Montana to experience the new frontier and the many opportunities T.A. created.

This became the Beeman family living legacy and still to this day is part of the rich heritage of the Beeman family.

Today T.J. Beeman, after 39 years, is still helping individuals and their families provide for their retirement and maintain the lifestyle they deserve long after they retire.

To gain your own personal legacy, and to talk with someone who has been down the same path, contact Tim TODAY for a complimentary consultation.

His commitment to helping people is the same as his family’s from some 282 years ago.

This is an experience and education you cannot pass up. Reach out to Tim today to have your own legacy written.

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