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I have been listening and attending to the financial concerns of my clients since 1979.  It has been my privilege to serve individuals, families, federal employees and small business owners.  I have learned much from watching my clients pass through the seasons of their lives.  Needs change as seasons change.  When we are young we need financial advisors to grow our money.  Financial planners help us to set a course for growth, and then they help us to stay that course.  As we get older and retire, or look more to retirement, we are now focused on the security of knowing that all of this planning and saving will result in a retirement in which we feel safe and are indeed secure.  This is not the time for us to be worried about the next market correction or making up for market corrections. We want answers to important questions.  “Will I outlive my money?” When should and how should I take social security? “What if I get sick?”  “Can I really retire well?”  “Will I have to go back to work even if I don’t wish to in order to make ends meet?” Instead, this season can be about enjoying the fruits of our younger years. My focus is assisting people in the next very significant and meaningful retirement phase.  If you are nearing or in retirement, I am available to assist you, even if simply to get a second opinion.  My hope is that you enjoy your life to the fullest:  now and into your future.

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